Elixir, Phoenix and Ash Beginner's Guide (self-published) (free)

At https://elixir-phoenix-ash.com I publish training material for Elixir and Phoenix. Text base tutorials which start at zero. Recently I added material for the Ash Framework. It is a living document which is suitable for beginners.


Learning Elixir, Phoenix and Ash is a steep climb. No sugar-coating. This book aims to make that ascent less steep. It’s a guide crafted for beginners.

  • A step-by-step guide. While no prior knowledge is required, a basic understanding of programming and HTML will be beneficial.
  • Bite-sized “Hello World!” code examples. Crafted for comprehension just by reading the code, with added notes for clarity. No abstract programming theories.
  • Simplicity is key. My goal is to get you productive ASAP. For in-depth exploration, there are other resources.
  • Not a beauty contest. We’re not investing much time in aesthetics. This is not a CSS design book.

If a section doesn’t resonate with you, skip it. You can circle back later if needed. I recommend reading the book in order, but it’s not required.

Stefan Wintermeyer


I guess the proper category should be Blogs & Podcasts as you simply do not provide any book in print or downloadable (epuib or pdf) format.

Also personally I would add links to hex.pm instead of GitHub ones. They have a links to documentation and GitHub with same look making them easier accessible than reading the README.md files.

When it is ready I’ll generate a PDF and epub. I don’t want not 100% ready versions out there. But feel free to generate either yourself. The source code is in GitHub. It is an Antora project.


I see, makes sense. Just to let you know … the The Little Ecto Cookbook (self-published) (free) was released exactly like that. I was reporting some issues on email and they send me an updated version. Also many books at manning.com are pre released in MEAP (Manning Early Access Program) version, so that’s definitely not an anti-pattern if you worry about it.

I haven’t used Ash yet, so I will be definitely reading your guide. I know ash is growing and supports lots of stuff in Elixir ecosystem, but I did not saw anything related to CQRS/ES. I know only commanded guides on hexdocs, but I did not found anything ash-related. Maybe you can consider adding a guide about ash support for it (if any) or something like that.