The Little Ecto Cookbook (self-published) (free)


The Ecto recipes were originally written for the “What’s new in Ecto 2” ebook and then made open-source by Plataformatec. Since then, the community has joined our efforts and made many contributions. The end result is this ebook, curated by Plataformatec, which includes a foreword and an exclusive chapter written by José Valim, creator of Elixir.

The Plataformatec team brings an updated collection of recipes on how to best use different features of Ecto 3.1 and later. This free ebook is made of 12 chapters:

• Foreword by José Valim exclusive
• Ecto is not your ORM exclusive
• Schemaless queries
• Data mapping and validation
• Dynamic queries
• Multi tenancy with query prefixes
• Aggregates and subqueries
• Test factories
• Constraints and Upserts
• Polymorphic associations with many to many
• Composable transactions with Multi
• Replicas and dynamic repositories


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