Elixir/Phoenix Desktop application

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Hello Everyone,

I’m looking for a way to create a standalone phoenix application that could be used as a desktop application on a end-user computer.

I guess the “desktopization” of the front-end part of the application could be done by Electron (electron.atom.io).

But how can the elixir based back-end and the database could be embed in a desktop application too ?

Thanks u so much for any ideas, tips



I’m curious about this too.


You might find this thread interesting:

Also, I know @kofno has some experience with Electron, if he sees this he may be able to chime in :slight_smile:


Electron seems like it would be the easy part :slight_smile:

I think the hard part is packaging up elixir and erlang and delivering through an installer of some sort. I’m not sure how you’d accomplish that.