Elixir/Phoenix Desktop application

Hello Everyone,

I’m looking for a way to create a standalone phoenix application that could be used as a desktop application on a end-user computer.

I guess the “desktopization” of the front-end part of the application could be done by Electron (electron.atom.io).

But how can the elixir based back-end and the database could be embed in a desktop application too ?

Thanks u so much for any ideas, tips



I’m curious about this too.

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You might find this thread interesting:

Also, I know @kofno has some experience with Electron, if he sees this he may be able to chime in :slight_smile:

Electron seems like it would be the easy part :slight_smile:

I think the hard part is packaging up elixir and erlang and delivering through an installer of some sort. I’m not sure how you’d accomplish that.


Eh it’s not too hard, even a release is self contained enough that all we did was just copy it to the windows server and run back when we ran it on windows.

Plus there is at least 1 BEAM VM desktop app that I know of, Wings3d, though it’s wxWidgets rather than electron or so.

You could also make a webassembly compiler to compile the C BEAM VM engine to webassembly too. ^.^

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Cool. I may look at those, if only out of curiosity.

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