Elixir/Phoenix meetings/conferences around the world

I’m new here, but not to systems development (I’m ancient). A Brit based in Edinburgh, Scotland, I have an amazing wife that allows me to fly at short notice anywhere in the world. I’d like to meet knowledgeable Elixir/Phoenix developers.

If you know of a neeting/conference/hackathon coming up in the next month, would you mind letting me in on it?

I’m attending the mid-April Warsaw conference.


Welcome Mike - from another Brit :023:

Check out this thread:

It’s our current list of 2018 confs :slight_smile:

We also have quite a few Scottish Elixirists - might be worth contacting @Cultivate to ask if they have any local meet-ups?

Hello @MikeA

Next week there is a meetup in London. Things like that are discussed quite regularly in the london slack channel. https://elixir-lang.slack.com/messages/C03QRK5M3/details/


I attended my first Edinburgh one recently. One other attended. Some promo to do methinks.

Thanks for the link!

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Thanks @Crowdhailer. I need an invitation: is there a website that I can seek one?

I was thinking of flying down tonight for a day conference tomorrow, mostly DevOps but with a few Elixir folk I’m told. pipelineconf.info