Elixir Sips - Any feedback?

I’m thinking about subscribing to Elixir Sips, but I find it a bit pricey… Has anyone used it? I’d like some feedback before subscribing.

They seem to have a lot of content and a lot of stuff that you won’t find in other places.


Sorry, I can’t answer that. I have the same questions you do.


I’ve seen lots of good tweets about them :slight_smile: have you seen any of the free episodes?

I recall there were some comments about them in the How have you been learning Elixir thread too.


I was a subscriber for about a month. The topics are very cool! But his “style” was a little bit too fast and the audio too “low-quality” for my taste. But since you can unsubscribe any time you like in my opinion at least a one month payment is more than a good deal for the offered content.


I also suggest you learn basic things in elixir-lang first, so that you can learn advance things in ElixirSips quicky, and after one month you can make decision to unsubscribe or not like Derkobe said.


Each Sip is downloadable as at least markdown and mp4 files.


I find it well worth $9 for 1 month. It’s nice go through the back catalog over a week or two. That being said I highly doubt I will keep the subscription past 1 month.

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Fast forward almost 4 years. I started looking into it, but it appears the Sips aren’t supported any more…can’t subscribe. Looks like it was moved to dailydrips.com which is now an expired domain. Bummer.

@dailydripcom twitter account also doesn’t exist.

Feels like there’s more to this story. A quick googling got me here:

https://www.linkedin.com/company/dailydrip/about/ - says now known as SmoothTerminal. Perhaps it never got off the ground…interesting address. Maybe still dark?

Have to admit I’m a little concerned about Josh Adams. Can anyone confirm he’s still active, working for Isotope11?

Wondering if it’d be possible to release the Sips in some way.

I hope Josh is ok, we haven’t seen him here for a while.

DailyDrip/ElixirSips closed down last December as far as I know.

@knewter - heyo. you good? no intention of prying, but is this just a _why situation?

Coming to Elixir later than the initial rush. :smiley: Would love to take advantage of what a lot people believe to be valuable - your Elixir Sips casts. Anyway, hope you are indeed OK.

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I spoke with Josh Adams last ElixirConf US.

I don’t want to put words in his mouth, but my takeaway was that screencasting was not able to serve as his primary income, so he’s doing consulting/contracting.

He also moved to some rural land and found some work/life balance that has less of an online focus. He tweets about his livestock fairly regularly.


Hey, I’m good. Thanks for asking!

I’ve started a new consultancy at the beginning of this year, https://www.dbadbadba.com. Getting it off the ground from zero has consumed the last couple of months of my life.

We are seeking new projects for expansion. If anyone reading this would like to talk to me about that, you can reach me personally at josh@dbadbadba.com.

These days I’m doing:

  • long-term planning and business development for the new consultancy
  • lots of Elixir code (nearly all of it for graphql projects)
  • some Elm (dillonkearns/elm-pages coupled with dillonkearns/elm-markdown plus tailwindui is just fantastic) but never as much as I wish
  • some React / React Native / TypeScript (I like it but it just makes me miss Elm)
  • Flutter! It’s fantastic for cross-platform mobile apps, and I wish more people knew about it
  • Kubernetes! A terraform script to spin up a cluster and configure fluxcd.io on it to deploy a flux repo so you can do gitops for your entire infrastructure trivially is incredibly productive. I want to help more people do this.
  • clearing about 2 acres of kudzu and building a path to a pond

I also bought a house in rural Alabama. It’s less expensive than the house I had “in the city” (Birmingham, AL already has incredibly low cost of living), but here I have 45 acres with three ponds. And goats, ducks, chickens, and an absolute asshole of a turkey (turkeys are terrible; let no one tell you that they deserve your pity).

A week ago, I bought just about the cheapest tractor you can buy (2007 kubota bx2350, smaller than I need but tractors aren’t cheap). I expect I’ll spend an hour or two most days taking that out and reclaiming the property that the previous owner had allowed to go native. That’ll eat up a good piece of the next six months of my life, but it’s truly enjoyable to give your brain a chance to rest and work out the bigger things while you operate incredibly dangerous equipment.

This. The economics of what we were doing at SmoothTerminal didn’t work out. The word humbling seems apropos. There were a couple of opportunities that would have changed my opinion here dramatically, but neither of them came to fruition.

It wasn’t completely untenable, and I’m willing to accept we might have just been bad at it. Still, I made about half as much money as I did when running a consultancy, and it was about twice as much work. We spent the last two years of the business doing a fair bit of consulting on the side just to keep plowing it into the company and trying to make it work out for our investors (we didn’t raise a ton of money at all, but we didn’t raise nothing either). We were able to employ six people for four years.

Additionally, my wife was diagnosed with cancer last year. We caught it early, and a couple of surgeries seem to have removed all of it, but of course anxiety remains. Also, a referral from an in-network specialist to an out-of-network surgeon, combined with the speed and mental exhaustion of this sort of thing, led to us getting surgery out of network without realizing it. I am grateful that a good bet on a cryptocurrency investment (tezos ftw, bought some at IPO and got out at the top) allowed us to pay the extraordinarily high bill.

I also have three children, one of whom is three years old. He takes drastically more than 1/3 of the effort, if you were curious :slight_smile:


What an absolutely delightful update. Illness aside of course. Hope that stays away.
Sounds like good life choices to me.


Thanks, and am seriously glad all is well. Wish you the best of luck - with all the endeavors. Many thoughts for you and your family - no joke. I have to admit farm life is intriguing, I can only imagine the gratification of the physical effort. You’re not the first person I’ve known to do the same, including the tractor adventure.

On the Sips front, is there anything we can do to get them available?

Its great to hear from you. I was worried that your twitter account @dailydripcom doesn’t active. Glad to know, you are well now.

I would love to get my hands on the bundle of Elixir sips videos and content. And happy to pay for it of course!

Even happy to pay in XTZ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: