Elixir text only tutorials?

I’m planning on learning Elixir, however, the new edition of the book, Elixir in Action, doesn’t come out until July 30th(in Canada anyways).

Until that time, I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good text only tutorial, much like this Haskell tutorial, or free PDFs (Note: I’m not asking for pirated PDFs, if you do provide a PDF, make sure the author intended the book to be distributed for free, for example, Modern Perl). I don’t mind video tutorials, but I have a limited bandwidth cap.

I’m looking for a tutorial that introduces the basic concepts and maybe even building a small program.

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You can get the Elixir in Action 2e epub/pdf right now:

Your time is supposed to be worth something.

Other than that Introduction to Mix is the next thing to try after going through the Getting Started guide.



I agree - EIA2 is out now as an ebook and imo you can’t beat professionally published books - EIA in particular is a fantastic book :023: (and don’t forget you can get 35% off any ebooks from Manning and PragProg with your forum code - as per Peer’s screen grab above :003: - just go to their threads here for details).

If not, here are some other free resources that might interest you:



@peerreynders - Thanks for the link to the book! I guess Canada will get the paperback version a little later.

@AstonJ - Joy of Elixir exactly what I was looking for, thanks!

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