Elixir Users of India

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I’m creating this thread just to understand the adoption ratio of BEAM languages in India and getting to know users better. If you’re an Elixir / Erlang / BEAM language user in India, please put a comment in this thread and we can discuss further.

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Mangala Kader P.


We see quite a few Elixir users from India here so hopefully some of them will spot this and say hello Mangala :smiley:

Maybe one day you’ll have an Elixir Conf India taking place there too :003:


You have a good humor sense and I appreciate that :hugs:. Thanks for such extended support @AstonJ.

Well there was a Ruby Conf India earlier this year and Matz, the creator or Ruby, was a speaker :003:

So never say never - one day you might have José and co there :003:


Hope to see your words become true @AstonJ. That would boost Elixir movements in India :relaxed:

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As Audrey Hepburn once said, “Nothing is impossible , the word itself says I’m possible:upside_down_face:

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Been wondering about the same thing.
Wonder how many companies in India use the Elixir/Pheonix/Erlang stacks.
Would be nice to visit their blogs and learn about how they are leveraging BEAM.


Hey there, I’m from India
I work as Elixir developer for a small start-up where we take projects from different clients,
I can see more and more Elixir adaption than previous years


There has been a Code BEAM Lite India here at Bangalore before. I guess the community just needs to become more visible in order to encourage more conferences. I think Andrea Leopardi spoke there once.


Ah that’s awesome!

Looks like this is one of the videos (couldn’t find any others):

I’ve also set up an India chat channel for you too :023:

Perhaps you and a few others could keep an eye on it for us :blush:

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Thanks! That’s quite nice of you!

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