Elixir Users of India

Hi All,

I’m creating this thread just to understand the adoption ratio of BEAM languages in India and getting to know users better. If you’re an Elixir / Erlang / BEAM language user in India, please put a comment in this thread and we can discuss further.

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Mangala Kader P.


We see quite a few Elixir users from India here so hopefully some of them will spot this and say hello Mangala :smiley:

Maybe one day you’ll have an Elixir Conf India taking place there too :003:


You have a good humor sense and I appreciate that :hugs:. Thanks for such extended support @AstonJ.

Well there was a Ruby Conf India earlier this year and Matz, the creator or Ruby, was a speaker :003:

So never say never - one day you might have José and co there :003:


Hope to see your words become true @AstonJ. That would boost Elixir movements in India :relaxed:

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As Audrey Hepburn once said, “Nothing is impossible , the word itself says I’m possible:upside_down_face:

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