Elixir vs Erlang vs Go

An infographic that compares Erlang, Elixir, and Go’s strengths in the respect to the programming languages’ concurrency, reliability, scalability, complexity, garbage collection, virtual machines, and developer onboarding.


The 14 MB infographic PDF file just brought down Firefox, Evince and Inkscape :wink:

Its unusable on chrome as well. Standardzoom is far to way off (nothing is readable except captions) and if you zoom in, that you can read something, scrolling is sloppy and slow.

Haven’t tried other PDF viewers.

And this is an i7 with 16GiB of RAM…

Thanks for your feedback, we’re working on a solution :+1:

Without having inspected it further, my guess is that the gradient in the background is the culprit.

Either use a bitmap or remove it.

I don’t have any issues with the pdf on Windows 10, Chrome.
I’m curious about the exceedingly long filename though :slight_smile:

Neither did i on Chrome @ Linux

My iPhone 6s didn’t like that file either. (surprise I know)

My adblock really does not like the middle redirect, seems to go from bit.ly to some go.pardot thing to erlangsolutions, you really should just put the url straight, I had to elinks through it… >.<

Direct URL for anyone else: https://www.erlang-solutions.com/blog/programming-languages-for-online-betting-an-investigation-of-go-erlang-and-elixir.html

And found the pdf, and it is through a url redirector too, quit-that-stuff!!
And the PDF is blocked by chrome because it is embedded in an iframe with improper validation set up… >.>
Grabbed the PDF, it loads fine in chrome here.

Direct PDF link for anyone else: https://esl-website-production.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/document/file/82/Erlang_Elixir_Go_Infographic_from_Erlang_Solutions___Programming_Languages_OTP_Online_Gambling_and_Betting.pdf

That was a little bit painful to get through… ^.^;