ElixirConf US 2019 Speakers Thread

Hey everybody! Super excited to be attending ElixirConf 2019 in Aurora Colorado!

We wanted to make a thread for speakers and conference attendees to engage with each other in the days leading up to the conference (just like last year)!

This is that thread.

You can see the list of speakers here .

Personally, I will not be giving a talk this year (sad face, I know). BUT — I MAY OR MAY NOT (WINK WINK) BE MC’ING THE CONFERENCE AY! (so be nice and I’ll give you a wicked-smooth intro )

#ElixirConf2019 FTW!


Really excited to see Susumu Yamazaki, I am genuinely curious to see how his projects is moving!


FWIW there is a thread Hastega: Challenge for GPGPU on Elixir! on Hastega, and there is a blogpost from author Susumu Yamazaki.


AFAIK, Hastega is no more. Here is an update on why the project changed name:

They also changed the approach taken, looks like using HiPE was not efficient enough so they are looking into other avenues.

Regardless of these setbacks, I am still happy and excited to see what comes out of this new project. Good things take time to come to light, so I don’t mind waiting :stuck_out_tongue: