ElixirLS cannot connect to server in VScode

I am not sure what has changed but now ElixirLS does not work for me anymore. I am using the latest vscode (1.77.3) and the latest elixir ls extension (0.14.3). I have elixir 14.2 and OTP 25 installed through asdf. I get the following messages when starting with the command code . :

ElixirLS - asc_enfusion client: couldn't create connection to server.
The ElixirLS - asc_enfusion server crashed 5 times in the last 3 minutes. The server will not be restarted. See the output for more information.

Here is the output:

Starting ElixirLS release v0.14.3
Running in /home/me/my_project
** (Mix.Error) Command "git --git-dir=.git fetch --force --quiet --progress --tags" failed
    (mix 1.14.2) lib/mix.ex:513: Mix.raise/2
    (mix 1.14.2) lib/mix/scm/git.ex:132: Mix.SCM.Git.checkout/2
    (elixir 1.14.2) lib/file.ex:1607: File.cd!/2
    (mix 1.14.2) lib/mix/dep/fetcher.ex:61: Mix.Dep.Fetcher.do_fetch/3
    (mix 1.14.2) lib/mix/dep/converger.ex:213: Mix.Dep.Converger.all/9
    (mix 1.14.2) lib/mix/dep/converger.ex:146: Mix.Dep.Converger.all/7
    (mix 1.14.2) lib/mix/dep/converger.ex:95: Mix.Dep.Converger.all/4
    (mix 1.14.2) lib/mix/dep/converger.ex:74: Mix.Dep.Converger.converge/4

I do have some settings in my .gitconfig as well. Any clues on what is going on? Thanks

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Try starting elixir-ls in your project dir. By running command elixir-ls. It might show the actual error.

Hey, just happened to me as well. did you find any solution?

I removed my .gitconfig file and now it works fine. Didn’t quite get to the bottom of this. I would try @Egis suggestion to see if it gives a different or more helpful error.

I fixed using @zachallaun solution from here reverting Elixir-ls to a previous version and it works fine. In my case, I reverted to v0.13.0.

@karang v0.14.7 should surface the git error. In one report I’ve seen the reason was blocked connection to github in corporate network and incorrectly set git proxy.

I was just firing up elixir on a new laptop with a fresh install of VSCode and ran into this same problem with ElixirLS. I also had to revert back to v0.13.0. If I upgrade to even v0.14.0, it breaks again. Pretty weird.

I was able to solve this accidentally with the help of others while working on a different problem. I’m running on a Mac, which uses LibreSSL 3.3.6 instead of the regular openssl. This was causing the crypto module to be ignored when I installed erlang via asdf. The solution was to use Homebrew to install openssl, then tell KERL (which asdf uses) to use this version of openssl:

export KERL_CONFIGURE_OPTIONS="--without-javac --with-ssl=$(brew --prefix openssl@3"

Then I reinstalled erlang via asdf and all is well now. The crypto module is no longer ignored during erlang installation and I can use the latest version of ElixirLS with no problem.

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I just fixed this on my Windows WSL Ubuntu setup.

What I did:
sudo apt remove elixir
sudo apt-get install libssl-dev
asdf plugin-add erlang
asdf plugin-add elixir
asdf install erlang 26.1.1
asdf install elixir 1.15.6-otp-26
asdf global erlang 26.1.1
asdf global elixir 1.15.6-otp-26

Basically, the sudo apt approach is broken. The way to test it is to git clone the ElixirLS repo and try to compile it.

mix deps.get and then mix compile

If this works, there’s good bet that VSCode doing the same thing (compiling ElixirLS) will work and connect.

I removed the elixir install and reinstalled using the embedded elixir approach. - however there is a dependency (documented here: [WSL - mix deps.get] The application "crypto" could not be found - #9 by thelucassampaio) - which is that you need to install libssl first and then use asdf to install-compile erlang and then elixir.

If this worked then the ElixirLS you cloned into a folder should compile. If not, see what error you are getting and go search - this is how I worked my way through this.

Only took 4 hours :man_facepalming:

It may not be the “correct” approach but at least it’s working for me now.

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