Emacs/spacemacs with language server protocol for Elixir, or any solution for emacs guys?

Hi guys, I have noticed that the support for elixir in visual studio code is quite good, autocomplete is correct, even for installed packages, error suggestions work well, unfortunately vscode consumes too much ram and I prefer lighter editors, but support in spacemacs leaves something to be desired.

using spacemacs require a lot of steps before start to use elixir in a project and even after that autocompletion is not good and simple syntax errors are not even detected, I have seen that LS is usable in many editors, even recently I saw a post using vim https://www.mitchellhanberg.com/post/2018/10/18/how-to-use-elixir-ls-with-vim/ , but I don’t find how to integrate the LS of elixir (that exists) with emacs, someone has been lucky doing this?..or someone using emacs to program elixir using some other package has had good results? thank you!


What do you mean using Spacemacs requires a lot of steps before staring to use Elixir in a project? Emacs is quite easy to use with Elixir. I would recommend using Alchemist with Emacs. If you’re using Spacemacs, alchemist is included with the Elixir layer.

All I know is Emacs, so I can only really point you to Emacs resources. I haven’t played with LS and Emacs yet. I haven’t had the need to use them yet. I have seen that Vim integrates with an Elixir LS and Vim is an excellent editor.

Alchemist doesn’t have any integration with the Elixir Language Server yet and there are a number of things that are rather broken at the moment, especially go-to-definition. @Trevoke has been studiously working on integrating the language server into Alchemist and currently has a PR up that you should give a try: https://github.com/tonini/alchemist.el/pull/350

You can also join in on the #alchemist-dev channel of the Elixir Slack if you’re interested in the development. (I try to help out but I don’t know enough emacs lisp to even be dangerous)


I will check it out thanks :+1: