Email Course - Building Releases with Elixir and Distillery

I have released a free email course on how to build releases in Elixir with Distillery, The course is text based.

You can subscribe here

I have a brief trailer video here


Already subscribed. I wonder if you will mention integration with Jenkins or some other CI tool :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a CI video on my to do list for February.


How interesting.
Well, I did Jenkins with Cobertura for the code coverage plugin ( and I used the groovy pipeline DSL to make the script and automatically deploy everything into production ).

Let me know if you are curious :stuck_out_tongue:

Very much so I have not touched Jenkins in some years. I tend to use circle CI

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How small is the world. We are actually looking for a change, in this case, we are testing out if replacing Jenkins for CircleCI would be beneficial for our company.

I am a little bit afraid of the integration with Elixir, but perhaps your courses will help with that.

Let me know if you need anything specific. I wouldn’t want you to simply go for Jenkins when you already have CircleCI planned.

Thank you for sharing a free course.
Already subscribed to it

It should be pretty easy to do. I will try it out tomorrow if I have time .

My personal ideal is to not own any systems that I don’t 100% have to.

If you want some help give me a call