[Erlang] Functional Programming in Erlang (University of Kent) (free)



In case you want to learn Erlang. This course starts in a couple of weeks. I have not taken any other courses from this venue, but I’m signed up for this one. I’ll be sure to report back with my experience.

Edit: There’s now also a course on concurrency.

If you could do it all again... would you do anything different?

Ah nice find Eric!

Elixir gets mentioned as well :003:


Woop, thanks for sharing course! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much Eric, its awesome find. i enroll myself as well.


This looks great!

Does anyone know the format of this course? Such as, is it 5 hours per week at ones convenience or at specific times?


The course is notionally 5 hours per week for 3 weeks. If it’s like the other courses I’ve taken on FutureLearn then it’s very much geared around mutual student support (with occasional help from course tutors) on the discussion section of each course element. There are no core times to attend so it’s very much at one’s convenience.


Thanks for that @fastzen, I’m now signed up!


Thank you @fastzen. I haven’t taken any of their courses so I wasn’t sure
of the format.


And we’re following up with a MOOC on concurrent programming in Erlang, too.


Welcome to the forum Simon :023:

Thanks for putting the course together, it looks fantastic! Will it be repeated later in the year?

Also do you have any plans to do similar courses on Elixir? That would be pretty awesome :003:


Yes, it will run multiple times, this year and next. Will have to think about the elixir idea :slight_smile:


Cool. I signed up for the 2 Erlang courses above and see if I learn anything useful :slight_smile:


I have signed up the course. I’m new to both Erlang and Elixir, so I hope to learn some foundation of functional programming and help me get started in Elixir :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing the mooc. I always wanted to dive a bit deeper to explore the roots Erlang which might help to better understand the concepts and ideas in Erlang/Elixir.


Great. I’m in


May i ask what made you choose futurelearn over edx or coursera to host your course?


That’s the platform that my university has chosen to work with, so really not up to me,



Nice, thanks


The course has already run 1 week. I enjoy the course. It seems Erlang and Elixir are pretty similar and share many same concepts.


They really are the same language, just different syntax. :slight_smile:
Erlang tends to be shorter in code because it is Prolog’y.
However Elixir has macro’s, which tends to reduce code substantially more. ^.^
The closest to macro’s that Erlang has are parse transforms, which are indeed as powerful, however they are much harder to make and use.