Examples for adding a slideshow feature?

Pete’s Alley is my prototype web site for disability information. It uses TOML data files (with Markdown inclusions) for its content. I’m experimenting with adding a slideshow feature to it and wonder if there is any existing work I should examine. Suggestions?

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Hi @Rich_Morin - it depends what you are trying to achieve and what you are comfortable coding in. There are plenty of JS based approaches. If you want to steer clear of that, you could take a look at this: https://www.poeticoding.com/phoenix-liveview-change-the-url-without-refreshing-the-page/ - not quite a slideshow, but there are a few building blocks in there for displaying and changing images using liveview. You could wire up a server side timer easily enough to update which picture is showing.

Thanks! I’m mostly interested in using Markdown to create sets of slides that I can use in presentations and folks can examine later. I like the idea of generating slides as HTML because (with a bit of care) that will play nicely with screen readers.

Ah, I see… maybe you could learn some tricks from hugo - a static site generator that makes heavy use of toml and markdown.

This links covers slideshows: https://github.com/dzello/reveal-hugo/blob/master/README.md

But relies on reveal.js for user interaction.

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Reveal.js is basically the go-to thing for web based presentations, very powerful.