Experienced developer seeking Elixir opportunity


  • Anes Hasicic
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • I can travel, remote would be first choice, relocation would also be an option under certain circuimstances
  • As stated above, but more can be found here:
  • Golang/C# - 4-5 years
  • Elixir
  • Full stack web application development, but mostly interested in backend
  • aneshas (Anes Hasicic) · GitHub
  • any other info you’d like to include/a short bio

Short bio:
I am en experienced software developer based in Bosnia. You could say I’m a polyglot in this space, but
have most experience with Golang, C# (current) and F# (I am not a stranger to FP)

I have always been interested in distributed systems and the challenges that arise when dealing
with them. While on my journey and seeing/experiencing most of the “industry’s” attempts at this,
(eg. microservices, containers, k8s, mesos, swarm, and all of the complex tools - might I say
businesses) it all seemed overly complex and bloated.

Throughout this journey you inevitably stumble upon Erlang/OTP but it always kinda eluded me since
the industry was going a different path, but as I came more and more intrigued, reading about it,
listening to Joe and having that moment of epiphany in your head when you realize that Actor model
is the closest thing Alan Kay envisioned as OOP.
Finally I stumbled upon Elixir and this is where I got really interested.

Cut the long story short, I have experience in the industry and no on the job experience with Elixir,
(only now following some courses and reading a book) but would love for an opportunity and would
accept junior position to (downgrade myself) in order to get it.

Not looking for shortcuts but I have dabbled with many languages (Haskell, Rust, C++ etc…) in my own
time but nothing beats on the job experience.


Just to post an update, since I have been getting some messages (thanks for that).
I did land an opportunity with a startup in the meantime (not elixir atm - went back to Go) so I won’t be able to take on any Elixir opportunities.