ExTerm - Liveview component for IEx (and other consoles)

ExTerm - IEx console for LiveView is out

Version 0.2.0 is out, which does a major architectural refactoring, the structure now is designed to make it easy to support other types of terminals beyond just IEx, for example if you wanted a text-based RPG, dungeon or MUD.


supports copy/paste, color terminals, and everything. Looking for feedback and especially if people are brave enough to deploy it or build games around it.


I really like this idea, could it also be used to make an ssh-connection?

Yes, and wouldn’t you know, I have an SSH library! Librarian (streaming ssh client library) - #3 by ityonemo :sweat_smile:

Did I just get nerdsniped?


Oh my :smiley:

I’ve read the documentation, but it’s still not completely clear what this is. Can you explain it a bit more?

I don’t know how to describe it, except as an iex console for liveview? Any suggestions are welcome. I should put a screenshot up on the readme.

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That screenshot is super useful.

Now that I read this line again it’s fully clear and I should have gotten it.

ExTerm is an terminal Phoenix.LiveView component

FYI I think it should be ‘is a terminal’ not ‘an’.

One way to make it a bit more explicit would be:

ExTerm is a LiveView component that displays an IEx terminal in the browser


0.2.1 bugfix release!

  • Light colors
  • tab completion
  • copy/paste
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