ExTypst - Elixir bindings for the Typst typesetting system

Hello! This weekend I’ve discovered the Typst typesetting system and decided to create the necessary elixir bindings to use it.

The source code and examples can be found in this repository, and the library is already available in Hex under the name ex_typst.

I think there’s space for some awesome projects using it, like generating reports in web applications or creating collaborative writing applications.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment in this thread.


As a long-time LaTeX user, I was secretly pleased with myself, shelling out from Elixir to do elaborate typesetting and bringing it back. I am blown away by what the Typst project and ExTypst could do together.

I’m still exploring the setup, but I feel that this could also go back towards Elixir documentation (some kind of mix task), or enhancing some of the CMS (OrangeCMS, Phoenix Pages, Beacon, Nimble Publisher) to auto-generate PDF (would need some markdown → typst conversion).


If you’re exploring the space of integration with existing Elixir tooling, check out: