Exzeitable - Dynamic Datatables with LiveView

Exzeitable - Dynamic Datatables with LiveView


This is my first library, I needed something fancier than a plain table and wanted to try my hand at creating something that might be of use to others.

You provide it with a query and use Exzeitable in a module and some configuration, then call that module in a template. This provides you with a datatable that can be dynamically searched, sorted, and have its columns shown and hidden.

It depends on Phoenix, Ecto, Postgres, and LiveView. I have attempted to make it CSS framework agnostic.

It might help you build out an administrative interface, or give you some ideas for a library of your own.

You can see it on GitHub at https://github.com/alanvardy/exzeitable


This was exactly my thought when checking out your library. Looks awesome. Congrats and thank you for creating it!


Thank you for the kind words :slight_smile:

I hope to make the library narrow and deep so it stays useful AND maintainable.

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Looking forward to try this!

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Hi :slight_smile:
How is it going? Could you improve Exzeitable ?
I would be interested to know what your opinion is on Surface - will you stay on LiveView with Exzeitable or will you one day merge to Surface?

Hello @Nefcairon, sorry but I am not on here regularly so it took a while until I saw this.

I have been keeping Exzeitable up to date and addressing PRs/issues as they come in but haven’t expanded its features in the last 3 years to a significant degree.

I don’t have an opinion on Surface, mostly because I haven’t used it yet, but I am interested in hearing more. I don’t want to remove functionality from the current library because an existing user base depends on it in production, but am open to expanding the areas in which it can be used.

I would love it if you could open up an issue describing what you want to see and what your use case is! I promise that I DO receive my GitHub notifications regularly :laughing: