Faster way to install specific version of erlang on new vm?

Right now I am using asdf and it takes 30+min to build/install a specific version of erlang. Is there any alternative? Maybe a way to install it pre-compiled?

asdf uses kerl under the hood to manage the erlang version. I’m not aware of using a precompiled version with it.

Use the Erlang Solutions repo to install as a package.

You can not switch versions with it. Somehow contradicts the usage of asdf.

Question was about new VM, so I assumed there is no preinstalled version. This is how my development Vagrant setup installs Erlang:

Yeah, hard to say then…

If it is about bootstrapping a new deployment target, I’d not install erlang at all but use releases with ERTS embedded.

If it is about bootstrapping a new development VM, I’d probably just copy a prebuilt asdf folder from a compatible VM. Or drop all the VM stuff at all and just develop on a linux host, dropping the necessity to re-install erlang for each and every project…

I had the same issue for one of my clients and I had to build one container previously with all heavy system dependencies necessary, using that as the base-container, I had to use the application code and deploy it. Not sure, if that’s the best practice, but it solved our erlang build time issue.

If I need to change erlang version, I used to change it in the base-container only once and my application container needs to pull the latest container and since it’s a one time issue, I didn’t bother to explore further.

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