Favicon is not showing

I got one already built project. This is property searching website,
I have an issue that while opening the website on phone , when i click on add to home screen, it creates the shortcut on my homescreen but i can not see the favicon.
Can anyone help me how to locate this issue

Do you have access to the source code?

Does in general a favicon exist, that is displayed in your browser?

Maybe this post can help

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which phone?

maybe use something like http://faviconit.com/en and find the relevant one for android…

caveat - there at least used to be all kinds of issues and special things regarding these icons…

They are usually cached for a long time in the browser.

Do you mean the home screen icon or the favicon (small icon shown in the browser tab)? Favicons are more or less a standard, while home screen icons are dependent on the specific OS:

  • On modern Android phones, you should be able to use the App Manifest
  • On Apple iOS you need to add <link rel="apple-touch-icon" sizes="..." href="..." >, and unfortunately you need one of this for each icon size

In a progressive app I maintain, I had to produce iOS icons for all these sizes: 48x48, 72x72, 76x76, 96x96, 120x120, 128x128, 144x144, 152x152, 167x167, 180x180, 192x192, 300x300, 512x512, 1024x1024. As absurd as it sounds, I think that is still necessary in order to support all devices.


yes i can see it on browser and yes i have full code access with me

Have you followed the suggestions of the other users?

I am trying the solution given by @Iucaong

My Icon is showing when i open the website with firefox but not able to get the same on safari and chrome. Need help urgently

Considering you have created all the possible different favicons in the different formats, have you checked your server serves them all? I remember having to edit a config file to serve this static content with Elixir as it served only favicon.ico by default… I don’t have the source at hand now, but you should first try to check whether your files are served correctly or not.