Find a mentor, win win situation?

Hi everybody,

I’m reaching you because I think I’ve passed a point where it will ask too much energy to go beyond.

I explain myself, I’m a self taught developer, hence this way of learning I sometimes lack of knowledge and best practices, furthermore, I always expect stuff to get perfect directly. I know it’s not a good mindset by it’s hard to get over it.

I was wondering if finding a mentor in the Elixir community is a good idea. As pair programming between a senior and a junior dev seems a very good idea, finding a mentors seems also to be one. Because of Feyneman technique, it appears to be a win win situation.

What’s your opinion on this topic ?

For me, it would help go beyond my impostor syndrome, since “everybody can code” is the new black, “everybody can write good software and just not following tuts and books” seems not to be a hype.

Excuse my poor english :wink:


Hi @Maartz, there was a kind of reversed thread some time ago I want to teach some Elixir. Any volunteers to be taught?

Perhaps you could post there and see if it’s still on?

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