Fork of Elixir GRPC


I start working on the fork version of Elixir GRPC. What I’ve done is the past few days:

The work on the next iteration:

The reason that I fork is I start working on GRPC for the past few weeks and found that library quite inactive (or may active but slow progress).

Since I’m quite new on both GRPC and Elixir. If someone expertise in this area, you can suggest or report an the GitHub issue tracker.



I wanted to work too on this library when I had free time. What you need to start with is to ask the maintainer what the actual state of library is, because there are some checked TODOS, however it is not very clear whether they were implemented or not.

On the other side, if you want help on the issues, please make sure the issues are formulated clearly with additional description on what needs to be done.

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Thanks for doing this. I’ve often wanted to use gRPC in Elixir, but eventually just get frustrated and give up on it.

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Since development on elixir-grpc has more or less effectively stopped, I’ve used grpcbox | Hex instead. While it’s a tad trickier to work with (given that it’s all Erlang), you can definitely have it interoperate with Elixir code provided that you generate the Erlang stubs. I’ve created an example repository that shows how that can be done rather naively by utilising an umbrella project here: GitHub - nathancyam/boxy: A project showing grpcbox and Elixir compatability

If metrics are anything to go by, grpcbox seems to have more downloads if you take a look at the metrics, but since the elixir-grpc documentation actively encourages users to pull directly down from Github, it doesn’t account for much.


This library seems more maintanable than elixir-grpc. I think the best solution is to create wrapper documentation just like the telemetry module, as to avoid elixir wrappers that remain behind in implementation.

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