General AI/ML Chat

Just a general thread to post chat/news/info relating to AI/ML stuff that may be relevant for Nx now or in the future. Got anything to share? :smiley:


Obvious ones are of course ChatGPT, Dall-E, Midjourney (all closed source) but there are lots of others.

Here are a couple before I forget about them:

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Dreambooth is what I’d love to use for one of my projects! :smiley:

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This paper introducing Duel-IQ, I thought, was interesting. The authors set out to research how self-learning algorithms can be trained to solve questions on Raven’s IQ tests.

Raven’s tests are said to measure fluid intelligence, in contrast to crystallized intelligence. So basically the ability to reason and recognize patterns.

Their agent performed on par with a sample of students that had completed the exact same test.

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And in case anyone has not heard of it yet :smiley: : the YouTube channel Two Minute Papers is nice source of content about recent ML developments and, to an extent also, technical analysis .

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DeepMind came with this publication: Advancing mathematics by guiding human intuition with AI. The title is quite self-explanatory, but you can find a nice intro here (and also the paper).

Another by DeepMind: scaffolding cooperation in human groups with deep reinforcement learning. Developing agents that can assist better human cooperation! Pretty exciting stuff.


Another one:

OpenJourney: Midjourney, but Open Source

OpenJourney is a Text-to-Image AI model which has the goal of bringing an open source equivalent to Midjourney to the people. It is currently based on prompthero/midjourney-v4-diffusion and is under further developments by Muhammadreza Haghiri to get closer results to Midjourney AI.

OpenJourney is trying to make AI art more accessible and affordable for people who enjoy making their ideas to great pieces of art and we try to make you, the creator of the art, the actual owner of the generated art.

Why OpenJourney?

First of all, as long as you have a computer (specially a computer with a GPU which has CUDA support) you are able to generate awesome art on your own. Second, for selling your generated art, you have to pay the platform you have used to create the art.

The main thought behind OpenJourney is that you must have all the control on the tool and also generated material. You must be able to run it wherever you want, you must be able to generate whatever you want and also you must be able to sell your generated art in any form you like!

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Another one that looks interesting:

The power of Stable Diffusion XL in your device, offline

Anyone tried it on their Apple Silicon Mac yet? (Doesn’t work on my Intel Mac :cry:)

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