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Kicking this thread of with the now infamous talk by Dave Thomas (or at least the best recording of it I can find) - please add any you feel are worth sharing :slightly_smiling:

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Josh Adams - Introduction to Elixir for Rubyists


The Joy of Functional Programming - Venkat Subramaniam

Functional programming design patterns by Scott Wlaschin


Does anyone have good quality versions of the confs that took place at Erlang Factory?

The versions I found are quite bad: Design by Contract

It’s hard to hear people speaking and the code and slides are unreadable.


This any better? (Seems ok on my MBA speakers)



Seems better, thank you :slightly_smiling:


Making Sense of Elixir Directives

What are Directives?

  • Way to declare, import and reference other Modules
  • Elixir has four of them
  • But, but, why?

^ Think require in Ruby, import in Python

^ Elixir has four, all with slightly different purposes. Based on conversation I was having I find them confusing so I dug in a bit

^ Wrote up my gripes, presented them to Jose & Chris McCord. Summary is they agree it’s confusing, but have a hard time figuring out how to change things already set in motion. So, this is my effort to add some clarity to the situation.


Nerves Project - Garth Hitchens

ElixirDaze conference - March 2016

The Climb Experiencing the Rise of Elixir from the Inside - Bruce Tate & Dave Thomas


Just watched the talk above ^^ and have to say it’s very inspiring! “We are all Sherpas”.
We are, and even by being part of the community (adding momentum) we are doing our bit :023:

Edit: this looks good too!


RubyBelgium Talks - Andrew Fecheyr: Introduction to Elixir



What’s Ahead for Elixir? By José at ElixirConfEu 2016

Elixir Elevate by @gregvaughn at the first Elixir Conf (2014)


I hesitate to favorite because of humility. Thanks for mentioning my old talk. I just finished José’s talk and it’s really great. I’m looking forward to using GenStage and GenBroker. That’s just what my company needs to introduce Elixir into production.


Ecto - the Past, the Present, the Future


This looks good: From a Ruby on Rails Monolith to Elixir and Elm Microservices (ElixirConfEU 2016)


Keynote Empire City Elixir 2016


Giving Back, building your first package By Brian Cardarella at Empire City Elixir Conference


Did a quick look through don’t think this has been posted yet, but this is the talk that got me really excited about elixir.

Elixir Conf 2014 - Keynote: Think Different by Dave Thomas