General Elixir Talks

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I watched your ‘Intro to OTP’ the other day and it cleared many confusions I had about OTP! This is definitely the video that I would share with anyone new to OTP! Good job and thank you, Jesse. :slight_smile:


I did really enjoy and find your talk helpful. Thank you! One question - the example shows new_state being created from state. Since state is no longer used because we’re using the new_state, what happens to the memory that was allocated for the data in state? We can’t keep doing updates like that without something filling up… Thanks again!


The video of the talk I gave at Rubyconf Portugal is online along with the slides. It’s a look at Elixir & Phoenix focusing on the explicit part of the title. Namely, how do Elixir and Phoenix make my programming life better apart from just raw speed? The talk is aimed at people not yet too familiar with Elixir & Phoenix and should serve as a good introduction, especially for ruby folks. It’s high level so touches upon a lot of topics that could be full talks.

If you have any feedback about the talk, content, presentation wise or whatever I’d be happy to hear it :grinning:

PS: hope this is appropriate to post here, sorry if not! :slight_smile:


Very good presentantion @PragTob! I liked the way you tackled it, is a much more interesting way for rubists. Sending it to my ruby fellows right now!


Thanks! I’m not a Rubyist but I enjoyed that.


Thank you very much for that feedback, glad to hear you still found it valuable and useful :slight_smile:

Also thanks @kelvinstfor spreading the word and the praise!


Haven’t watched it yet but this looks good:

BY @bcardarella


Pretty cool talk by @Crowdhailer

There is a playlist with ElixirDaze 2018 talks too