Groups in regex to validate password

I need to validate the criteria in a password: Must contain at least one capital letter, one lowercase and one or more numbers, the size must be between 6 and 32 characters, can not have any special character or space. Must have all 3 types: Uppercase, lowercase and number.

I have tried several ways but I could not, I looked in the documentation of regex (Elixir and Perl), but I caught here:^[A-Z](?=.*)[a-z](?=.*)[^\W_]{5,30}$/,IO.gets"")

But this regex only allows password starting with the uppercase and does not allow numbers, if I add something like \d(?=.*) or [0-9](?=.*) nothing works.

Just as an example in ES/JS would be: /^(?=.*[A-Z])(?=.*[a-z])(?=.*\d)[^\W_]{6,32}$/

Iterate the string, count the used characters per group and compare against your threshlds.

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In a single regex would not it be possible? If so, would you have an example?

Like @NobbZ pointed out, using a regular expression is not ideal in this situation. It will obfuscate what you’re actually doing, might introduce obscure bugs and you won’t be able to give meaningful error messages.

Okay, I’ll implement it cleaner, anyway I wanted to explore more regex in Elixir, but thanks.

Here’s an implementation that doesn’t use regex, but it’s kind of ugly:

defmodule PasswordValidator do

  @valid_lower 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz'
  @valid_num '0123456789'

  def validate(pass) do
    chars =
      |> String.to_charlist()

    valid_length?(chars) and has_valid_chars?(chars) and has_required_chars?(chars)

  defp valid_length?(chars) when is_list(chars) do
    length(chars) >= 6 and length(chars) <= 32

  defp has_valid_chars?(chars) when is_list(chars) do
    Enum.all?(chars, &validate_char/1)

  defp has_required_chars?(chars) when is_list(chars) do
    [&has_upper/1, &has_lower/1, &has_num/1]
    |> Enum.all?(&Enum.any?(chars, &1))

  defp validate_char(char) do
    has_upper(char) or has_lower(char) or has_num(char)

  defp has_upper(char) do
    char in @valid_upper

  defp has_lower(char) do
    char in @valid_lower

  defp has_num(char) do
    char in @valid_num

Cool guy, thanks a lot

Or using my ExSpirit parsing library (untested but should be close enough:

defmodule PasswordValidator do
  use ExSpirit.Parser, text: true

  def validate(pass) do
    case parse(pass, valid_chars()) do
      %{error: nil, rest: ""} -> :ok
      %{error: nil} -> {:error, "Password is too long, keep it below 32 characters"}
      %{error: error} -> {:error, "Password must be between 6-32 characters and only alpha-
numeric, failure message:  #{Exception.message(error}"}

  defrule valid_char(char([?A..?Z, ?a..?z, ?0..?9]))

  defrule valid_chars(repeat(valid_char(), 6, 32)

Or so.

@ajoao or anyone else interested in this. Partially inspired by this thread (and the fact that there didn’t appear to be any password validators or checkers on hex) I’ve created a simple password validator library:

The original requirements would look like this with PasswordValidator:

opts = [
  length: [min: 6, max: 32],
  character_set: [
    lower_case: 1,  # at least one lower case letter
    upper_case: 1,  # at least one capital letter
    numbers: 1,  # at least one numbers
    special: [0, 0],  # no special characters allowed

|> PasswordValidator.validate(:password, opts)

Please feel free to check it out and give me any feedback (including on the code structure). I’ll probably try to do some sort of larger forum post in the near future but wanted to mention it here first.



You could also replace the functionality of this password strength checker. ^.^

don’t really do that ^.^;

Yeah that would be a great next step! :wink:

But actually that led me to zxcvbn which is an entropy-based checker. That would be interesting to tackle and is currently missing an Elixir implementation. Also I am agreed that validating based on types of characters is not very useful (but I really just wanted to try my hand at a library).


That would be awesome to port to elixir!!

I have worked on this password strength checker for some time, and it’s recently been updated to work with the newer NIST recommendations. As well as checking length and for certain common combinations, it also checks for common passwords (with certain changes made to them, like leet substitution, characters added to the beginning / end of the common password, etc.), and the common password list is configurable.

Having said that, in many cases I would recommend a good front-end solution, such as the previously mentioned zxcvbn, which also checks for common passwords (with changes). The reason why I am suggesting zxcvbn is that it provides more immediate feedback to the user, and that can be very useful when encouraging users to choose strong passwords.


Sorry to bump an old thread but this was something that I needed as well. I went ahead and ported the zxcvbn for Elixir. Hopefully, this turns out to be useful for others coming back to this thread.


Nice, property based oracle testing using zxcvbn.js:


Just released version 0.3.0 of with support for zxcvbn via @techgaun’s zxcvbn-elixir :confetti_ball: