Happy GuruPurnima - thanking those who teach/help us

Dear Community Members,

A happy Guru Purnima to all of you. This is the day, in India, we thank all the people who have made a contribution to our learnings. It has nothing to do with formal education. Whomever, who gives you a direction to learn - a lesson to cherish - a thought to hang on to - need to be thanked on this day. So, I want to wish all of you, happy Guru Purnima.
Dear @josevalim and @chrismccord - We never met so far - and - it is unlikely we will meet ever. But, on this Guru Purnima, I want to thank both of you for the inspiration. I probably will never become as good a programmer as you are. But, I would like to emulate and replicate the other humane side of you people - the simplicity, the warmth and the pleasantness with which you interact with people. Thanks for being an inspiration.
Dear Moderators - I know this is post has very little to do with the objectives of the forum. But, I request you to keep it and I assure you - I will put this up only once a year. It is a good custom to remember and communicate the gratitude.


Very nice thoughts @cvkmohan - I wasn’t aware of this Indian tradition, but I think it’s a wonderful one and I whole-heartedly agree!


I also wasn’t aware of this tradition. As a teacher, I loved it. Happy Guru Purmina to all my teachers!