Hello Elixir World (Introductions thread)

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Hi everyone! I’m Pedro from Portugal. I’m a C# developer at work and currently learning Elixir and Phoenix for my personal projects. Hopefully one day will make the switch professionally too!


Hi everyone! I’m Josh and I have been working in the website development space professionally for the last 10+ years! I have mainly worked with PHP and WordPress and I’m looking to expand my knowledge base with Elixir for some future web development projects.


Hola, I’m Ankanna alias Blackode.
Blogger in medium. I write about Elixir tips and Tricks at blackode – Medium

Happy Coding :slight_smile:


Hey hey people, Bruno here. I’m from the city with probably the most capybaras in the world, Curitiba in the Southern area of Brazil.

I’ve been an Elixir Developer for around 2 years and I have worked in the past with just C#. I’ve learned it from YouTube tutorials and some books that my friend kindly lent me in the past!


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“Hi everyone, I’m Raffaele from Benevento, Italy. It’a about a year that I’m in the path of self learning Elixir.”


Hi everyone! I just got my Elixir/Phoenix/Tailwind/LiveView app Goblin live for my Founding Goblins (people who paid to sign up for my waitlist lol). I hadn’t built any apps with Elixir before this but I’m starting to “get it” and be able to add features more quickly. It took ~70 days to code the MVP.

I’ve come to this forum a ton while I was developing–thank you all for being so friendly! It feels like the “anti-stackoverflow”.

I deployed it on Fly.io and their support/docs have been great. I actually have users in Australia & Scotland so I’m glad that I have the option to spin up new servers easily in other countries.

Anyway, nice to meet everyone!


Great, Bruno! Another alchemist from Curitiba!



My name is Oluwasomidotun from Abuja, Nigeria. You can call me Tunmie. I have learnt couple languages before starting to learn Elixir. I hope I get a job with this…



My name is Abhijit, I am from India. I joined yesterday.

Started learning Elixir & Phoenix few months back, in the hopes of creating web apps.

Elixir saved me from javaScript doom scape.


Hello, Elixir World! I’m John and I’m from Denver, Colorado, USA. I’ve dabbled a bit in Erlang before, as well, so I’m sure I know a few of you from there already, and some of you awesome people from the Elixir #beginners Slack channel.


Hi Forum,
I am alex from Berlin Germany. Started Elixir about a year ago after many years Haskell and RubyOnRails. Curently porting a Haskell app to Elixir/Phoenix … I will see whether I am more performant in developing ex than hs :wink:


I’m Raphaël from France.
After using C++ for many year, I’ve decided to learn Elixir. I’m using Exercism to learn See my profile


Hello Elixir Forum!

I’m Chase, from Missouri, USA. Professionally, I mostly work in C#, but I’ve been interested in Elixir for a couple years and I’m finally diving in to really learning it deeply.


Hello Everyone,

i am Sebastian. I allready participated in some discussions and thought it is about time to say ‘hi’ :slight_smile:


Greetings, lovely people! I’m thrilled to be a part of this community and share my journey with you all.

As a researcher in biology, coding was never a part of my formal education. However, I became interested in learning Javascript about a year ago, simply for the sake of learning something new and exciting. Admittedly, I have a tendency to take breaks from learning for weeks at a time, but with coding, I found myself consistently coming back for more.

Over time, I began to pick up other skills such as HTML, CSS, and various frameworks such as Tailwind, ReactJS, NextJS, and HeadlessCMS. While I don’t have much professional experience, I did some freelancing work creating blogs and converting designs from Figma to React. However, I felt like I was missing a deeper understanding of the backend, particularly when it came to building more complex projects.

I received requests from individuals asking me to develop mini-products like team collaboration tools, video conferencing platforms, and dashboards with numerous functionalities. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the knowledge to undertake these tasks. I realized that I needed to broaden my skill set to become a well-rounded developer.

That’s when I began to dive into NodeJS and MongoDB, as the MERN stack seemed to be the most popular framework used in the industry. I learned the basics of routing, JWT, and bcrypt. One day, I stumbled upon the NodeJS event loop, and I found it fascinating. I researched further and discovered the concepts of threads and concurrency, which were truly mind-blowing. I thought to myself, is there something even more exciting out there?

After another week of research, I decided to learn Elixir and its framework. I’m excited to see where this journey will take me and share my experiences with you all along the way.

I have seen first few free videos of knowthen by james which is amazing. currently I am going through elixirschool and reading a book called Programming elixir > 1.6. (although i am not sure why it’s >1.6 and current elixir is 1.14 version)

it’s been only two days since i started learning, although it’s exciting but it’s also hard to grasp the basics of elixir. specially pattern matching (sometimes i feel like it’s destructuring of Javascript) but it’s not, i keep forgetting the data type because it’s look quite similar. My mind always tries to match elixir concept with js concept.

I am looking forward to sharing more of my writing with you all in the future, and I welcome your feedback and thoughts as we engage in fruitful discussions and meaningful exchanges.


It’s because the book is about the Phoenix framework which currently is at 1.7 and a lot has changed. I’ve read it too!


I suppose @asadsiddiquee meant this one and it’s about Elixir 1.6 because it’s quite old and that was the most recent Elixir version at that time.

If I would have to recommend an Elixir book nowadays, I would take a look at this one. :slight_smile:


@stefanluptak @Neophen

Yeah i meant this one. Elixir 1.6. i am not sure the reasoning behind their versioning convention. 1.6 …1.14

@stefanluptak. I will look into your recommendation. thank you


well 1.6 is less then 1.14 :smiley: 1 is the major, 6 is the minor, 6 < 14 :smiley: