Hex.pm is going live with organizations and private packages

A few months back we announced on the forum that we are adding support for private packages to Hex, today we are out of beta and going live with it. Big thanks to everyone who helped out with the testing during the beta period.

Organizations will be a paid feature on Hex.pm to help offset some of the costs involved with running Hex.pm and it will help pay for the new infrastructure needed to support private packages. If you are running your own private repository you will also benefit from all the work that went into making private packages possible. The Hex client has been extended with support for easily using packages from multiple repositories and all the requirements for building and supporting your own repositories with Hex packages is specified and documented.

The pricing will be $7 per user / month. Check out the blog post for more details: https://hex.pm/blog/organizations-going-live


This is awesome news. I hope this increases adoption of Elixir in the industry :smiley:


Seems like a good price point. I’ll be a subscriber pretty soon

Great work


Congradulations! This is absolutely wonderful :slight_smile:

Hey @ericmj, first of all thank you guys for releasing organizations and private packages!

The initial goal on our minds was to create an organization and publish a private package to make its docs easily accessible.

While going through the steps in Publishing a private package, this detail was discovered:

You can publish documentation for private packages, but this feature is still in beta and they will currently not be visible on hexdocs.pm.

At the same time, publishing the package provided this piece of feedback:

$ mix hex.publish
Building foo 0.1.0
# …snip…
Publishing docs...
[#########################] 100%
Publishing docs failed
publishing docs for private packages is disabled

Is there an ETA on being able to publish documentation for private packages and maybe have them visible somewhere?

It looks like the instructions are outdated, it is true that you cannot publish private documentation right now. But it seems we can enable publishing at least so that you can download docs with mix hex.docs fetch/offline. I will flip the flags and run some tests on staging during the weekend to make sure everything works and then let you know.

The larger task is supporting browsing private docs on hexdocs as well since it currently only is an S3 bucket with a CDN in front of it. It has no authentication and everything is hosted on a single domain so attackers could read your documentation by uploading public docs with scripts. Because of this we have to build a new service for hexdocs from scratch.

I cannot give an accurate ETA right now, but we have a plan and I have started working on the authentication and infrastructure.


A few days ago we made it possible to publish docs for private packages with mix hex.publish. We also just released a new version of Hex which makes it possible to download the docs of private packages with mix hex.docs fetch/offline. Update to the latest version by running mix local.hex.


Hey @ericmj, what’s the current status on the organizations, private packages, and docs support on hex.pm?

Or what is a good resource to get a pulse on this?

Organizations and private packages are already live. Private hexdocs is being tested in our staging environment right now and I hope to have it publicly available in a week or two.

Best place to get updates is our blog [1] and twitter [2] where notify about blog posts and other announcements.

[1] https://hex.pm/blog
[2] https://twitter.com/hexpm