Hired Gun (one-off C++/NIF project) - Remote

Hi Elixir Forum!

I’m an amateur developer in the classical sense. Think: CTO who coded his way up from the bottom, made a nice exit, but still hacks on stuff because he just can’t help himself.

I’m working on a pet project, and it’s painfully obviously that I’ve hit the limits of my competence.

The short version: I need to interface (from Elixir) with C++ code (from an open-source project) that handles asymmetric numeral system encoding. All of the C++ code is there and works like a charm. I just can’t figure out how to create the NIFs.

So this project is “just” wiring up existing C++ code to NIFs and providing a bit of Elixir example code! It’s a regular walk in the park, assuming a working knowledge of C++, NIFs, CMake, Erlang, and Elixir.

Younger me would’ve spent hours diving deep into the problem, likely forgetting to eat. Older me has other things to do, and will happily pay an expert (you!) their asking hourly rate (for as long as it takes) to solve this problem.

If you’re interested in this wildly unconventional job, send an e-mail to dragonfish@mailcan.com.


Publish the library there if it is open source and someone may even do it pro publico bono. I think it will be easier that way (and if you want to pay someone, then you can get in touch with them afterwards). It also may happen, that there is already wrapper for that somewhere.