Hired Gun, round 2 (one-off Rust/rustler project) - Remote

Hello (again) Elixir Forum!

First: thanks to all of the talented developers who responded to my previous topic. With a lot of help, I was able to successfully integrate ANS encoding into an Elixir project.

Next up is something a little different.

I’m looking for Elixir bindings for the Rust crate chacha20. Yes, I’m aware that Erlang crypto provides chacha20 support. I’m looking to utilize the ChaCha8 stream cipher offered by this crate.

Like before, I’m looking to pay an expert (hopefully you, gentle reader!) to solve this problem. Additionally, if you want to open-source the wrapper and claim all of the credit and glory, that would be a delightful outcome.

If you’re interested in this wildly unconventional job, send an e-mail to dragonfish@mailcan.com.