How popular are Elixir development jobs in your country?

I am a developer from Hong Kong, I am learning Elixir and love it so much. However there are almost zero Elixir development jobs in HK, I wonder how hard do you find a Elixir job in your country? Btw, I am working for a startup, I have some sort of flexibility to choose the tech stack for a new project, I think I would try to convince my boss to adopt Elixir.

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That still seems to be the best way to work in Elixir full-time. I’m doing the same. The book Adopting Elixir might be of help here.

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I’m prob going to have to start a company if I ever want a Elixir job.

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Sometimes it takes time - it takes early adopters to act first… maybe you can be one in your country? :003:

I’m actually surprised at how popular Elixir is here in the UK, quite a bit more than I thought it would be. That could well be because Erlang has been pretty popular here too (perhaps because of Erlang Solutions, Robert, Joe and Mike’s links to the UK? :smiley:)

Elixir also seems to be pretty popular in many other countries too. I think maybe we need to bump this poll for all our newbies:


I know only of one company in Norway which has mentioned Elixir in their job listings. There are a couple of large companies using Erlang.

It’s hard to say since I’m in the middle of it, but there is a company called Quanterall here in Bulgaria that works (only?) with Elixir.

Creative Assembly / SEGA Sofia works with Erlang and might switch to Elixir! I’m not sure. I’m not there anymore so I’m guessing they’re less inclined to switch now.

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By the way, here are some resources for finding Elixir jobs in your country.

Job listing section on this forum:

Elixir Jobs section on Stack Overflow:

Elixir Jobs website:

Elixir Career website:

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I am from Canada, and I have not seen any Elixir jobs here, not even in Vancouver which tends to catch trends from Seattle. It’s the dark ages up here. Sigh.

Oh, how I miss Canada! I used to live in Montréal for ~4 years. I don’t know about Vancouver, but the tech scene was booming in Montréal; especially the games industry, where I worked. Have you considered other parts of Canada as an option? I’d be surprised if there were no Elixir jobs there.

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Here in the Chicago area there are 10+ companies using Elixir. Many of them are in advanced transition state from a prior language to Elixir.

I introduced Elixir at Dscout about three years ago and it has proven helpful in attracting new devs.

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In my Country, Honduras, there are cero companies using it and haven’t heard anyone using it as well.

I created a Meetup and held one about a year ago and planning for the next one mid October.

If anyone is interested on giving a small introduction of Elixir remotely, send me a private message. And thanks in advance.

Best regards,

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Here in Greece we’re probably the only company that openly advertises Elixir positions. Might be others that do Elixir internally, not sure about the extend of it though

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I’m in Beijing and I only heard of one company using Elixir and hiring. They are a stream video company actually based in San Francisco.

In the US it’s strong. Quite a few mid-sized companies like weedmaps, some real estate mapping companies, a legal software company in Seattle here. Then some larger ones like whatsapp (mostly erlang but taking up elixir now I think) and discord and quite a few more (can find lists pretty easily around). There’s also a few companies in Seattle using it for a small percentage of there project. Tiny and not strong compared to Java/C#/Python… but no reason to make that comparison

Very popular in London at the moment. At the recent Code Elixir conference many companies were trying to hire.


etc all hiring for multiple Elixir positions atm.

Toyota, the inspirer of Kanban (from Toyota Production System).

Interesting that they’re looking into Elixir now!

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They’ve been using Elixir for a while :003:

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That’s awesome! I have long admired Toyota for being creative and innovative in manufacturing, to the point where it began rubbing off on adjacent industries like software development.

I think it’s a good sign that they’re into Elixir.

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I hope they bring more of those productivity-destroying LED fidget spinners to ElixirConf…

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Blockplay entertainment in Toronto uses elixir.