How to build a push notification server in Elixir/Erlang?

I want to build my own simple push notification server in Elixir/Erlang. I’ve not found any tutorial on the web.

Is there an example? Not a tutorial – code will do also.

Or any pointers.

Do you want to send push messages over APNS and FCM? I use apns4erl and fcm-erlang for this. You can import these modules into your elixir or phoenix project.

Maybe Pigeon…

Unless you want to make business out of it or to learn something, then I would advise you to use any of the notification services out there like Firebase Cloud Messaging or OneSignal. It will make your life much easier, trust me, been here, done that.

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I don’t want to make my life easier.


Try use a simple library epns(Erlang Push Notifications)

This library can send push notification as APNS and FCM by Erlang side. How use epns (Erlang Push Notifications) library - you can read in . This liblary can used as 3-rd party in project, or you can run it locally for see how this library works:

$ git clone
$ cd epns
$ make

Retested on Erlang 20~21