How to connect liveview socket after dynamically starting of Node?

added: This seems my environment specific problem. Sorry.
Now I’m investigating more individually by myself.

I’d like to call Node.start(:“dev@localhost”) after starting phoenix which has liveview page.

I confirmed, in below case I could access the liveview page.

$ iex --name "dev\@localhost" -S mix phx.server
# access the liveview page by browser

But in below case I couldn’t access the liveview page. (normal page is ok).

$ iex -S mix phx.server
iex(1)> Node.start(:"dev\@localhost")
{:ok, #PID<0.529.0>}
# access the liveview page 

Does anyone know why this happens and its solution?

That is… very weird. When you say “access the liveview page” what do you mean? Live view doesn’t depend on distributed erlang at all so I’m quote confused about how this could affect it.

You are right. This seems my environment specific problem. Sorry.
I try to investigate more individually by myself.

Sorry for misleading Title and tags.

I solved this problem. This problem doesn’t relate to liveview.

My liveview page use the mnesia as inmemory db which is started as extra_applications.
So at the time of starting mnesia, Node name is “nonode@nohost”.
Then Node.start(:“dev@localhost”) is called from my application. This caused inconsistent thing.

For resolve this, I move mnesia app from extra_applications to included_applications to control its start timing (mnesia has to be started after Node.start).