Html templates failing to work in producation mode

Am having issues with my html templates I change some templates, the new templates work fine in Dev mode but in Prod mode the old ones are still working while the new ones are not being render…even after running the following
set “MIX_ENV=prod”

mix deps.get

mix compile

npm run deploy --prefix ./assets

mix phx.digest

And i tried to run mix phx.digest.clean …What could be the problem??

Have you deleted _build folder?

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I have deleted it but still encountering the same issue

Html templates and assets pipeline are two separated things… and running mix phx.digest should have no effect on rendering html, just js.

Did You try to clean the cache of your browser? Did You try with another one?

I have tried still the same issue

Thanks i have found the issue …it was in the config file…url: [host: “localhost”, port: 8082], was pointing to a url used by old running system currently in production…