I used Phoenix 1.3 for my capstone

…and I need a little feedback. I think I’ve done things correctly, for the most part, but since Elixir and Phoenix aren’t really part of the curriculum in Bloc’s software development track, I need to go beyond my mentor for feedback. As part of my capstone assignment I wrote a blog about using 1.3 vs earlier versions.

If any of you have some time, would you mind checking it out to make sure I’m using correct terminology and that it’s conceptually sound? There are links to the repo and heroku hosted demo at the top of the blog, if that helps. I have thick skin, so feel free to blow me up:

Capstone - Phoenix 1.3.0-rc

Big thanks to folks on this forum, particularly @michalmuskala, @josevalim and of course @chrismccord for his post on Phoenix 1.3 here and his keynote videos. While I haven’t found the need to ask any questions here during development, that’s really just a credit to the quality of the discourse on this forum surrounding 1.3.