Is IntelliJ a good IDE for programming with Elixir?


After many years in JVM development (Java, Groovy,Clojure, …) I’ve decided try Elixir language and try to enter un Erlang world :blush:

My first question is about IDE. I’m used to develop with Intellij. Is it a good solution with the latest Elixir plugin ?


There is this thread about a plugin for Elixir for Intellij here.

Hope it helps…

It’s certainly growing in popularity and @KronicDeth is doing a great job keeping the plugin updated :003:

I keep meaning to try it out myself (as well as plain ol Emacs).

I had been using InteliJ’s Rubymine for editing Ruby. I have installed the Elixir plugin and have been using the editor to edit Elixir files.

With the plugin, Rubymine understands the basic syntax pretty well. It catches the syntax errors that I commit when writing code. And the code formatting works. So, I am pretty happy with it.

IntelliJ counts to the few applications, who turn the fans at my laptop on.
I used the Python Eduction edition, to be precise.
Is this common?

ive been using it for about 6 months 8 hrs a day with the elixir plugin yes it does understand syntax, but its atrocious with indentation, coupled with all the bugs from the ide like indexing forever, actually trying to index your home vs the project dir
i decided ultimately its not for me, too many issues ex. saving the elixir file i was editing but only in the ide, when the files i changed/saved were viewed in vi or emacs the changes werent there, it was like it didnt actually save the files but only in mem there this happened a few days ago!!! and then theres all the bloat, i really only use the ide for syntax highlighting, the hundreds of features needed in other programming languages are un-necessary in elixir imho atom is just an all around better editor,

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