Is it possible to build many project in elixir just with GraphQL-Api?

I am learning elixir and I want to use GraphQL-Api in Elixir with absinthe in my project, I am good in react.js, I have qurious about that Api, is it possible to build CRUD project like facebook, instagram, youtube or Tiktok just use react.js with GraphQL-Api in Elixir with absinthe? Can I do every things just use api?

Are there any reasons you can see why not?

There is a course explaining this kind of architecture: Unpacked: Full-Stack GraphQL with Absinthe, Elixir/Phoenix, Apollo, and React | The Pragmatic Studio

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GraphQL really shine for general purpose API / complex data structure as it’s has type & custom resolution, and Absinthe is really a fantastic way to write GraphQL due to it’s DSL.

However, there’s some use case that GraphQL doesn’t fit, one i most commonly encounter is related to binary data. while it’s possible to do base64 encoding for doing binary stuff with GraphQL, it’s inefficient.

If you are building instagram/tiktok, i would imagine that you would need to have somekind of media work (streaming video/etc.), i think graphql isn’t enough to cover such work.

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Also, GraphQL probably also not a good fit for exposing API for third party integration for enterprise business. in my experience most of enterprise business still stuck in RESTful API and can’t be bothered to try out new thing like GraphQL

tnx so much it help me :slight_smile:

tnx so much for your information, I understand, u recommend restful api ?

No, not restful API. i would choose GraphQL over restful API for majority of case. however, only GraphQL sometime not enough for software development.

u can use both altogether?

Yes :slight_smile: Nothing is stopping you from having a rest api and graphql api. Either that they overlap each other or that graphql does some things and rest api does others. For example not uncommon to have for example the auth as a rest api and graphql for crud operations.

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tnx so much :slight_smile:

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