Is there a Elixir forum equivalent for javascript?

Mostly what it says in the title.

Before anyone mentions it, yes I know of stackoverflow.

Long ago (as in before jquery), the javascript forum at devshed used to be really active, but then I moved to sitepoint's javascript forum because there were too many ads on devshed. I just tried devshed, and the forum won’t even load for me. The CodingForum also had some pretty bright js programmers, but I get browser warnings that the site is insecure. So, that leaves sitepoint, which I don’t even recognize anymore, and I find it hard to navigate around the site.

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Perhaps Reddit. The Javascript community is so large that there are many sub communities you can find specific forums for. For example:

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I’d say there is some leeway here for discussing JS type questions - because it is simply inescapable when dealing with web technology. So topics that crop up are:

  • Books
  • Which JS frontend framework to use (if any).
  • Languages that transpile to JS for frontend projects.
  • Using JS in a more functional way (because Elixir got me addicted to it).
  • Use of Node.js, npm within the frontend toolchain, for bundlers etc, including serverside rendering for popular JS frameworks.

Now when it comes to going full Node.js you’ll quickly run into a “why aren’t you using Elixir for that” wall.

Frankly, there are so many topic areas that are touched by JS that there may not be one single site that covers all your specific needs.


I’m mostly looking for a place where I can ask about things not strictly related to either a front end framework or node.js, that isn’t stackoverflow.

I think the trick is to learn how to mine Stack Overflow rather than actually asking questions on it.

Do you have any particular questions in mind right now? Someone may be able to share where they would try to get the answers.

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I’m currently trying to create a video chat (many to many) with webrtc and phoenix. I created a signaling service using phoenix channels and presence and now I’m trying to finish the front end. I’m having some difficulty navigating my way through this problem because I’m not very experienced in js so most of what I read in github repos and tutorials goes over my head in that aspect.

I was looking for some place where I can ask questions and get some more in depth answers than the ones I usually find on stackoverflow. The ones on stackoverflow on this topic (the ones I found) tend to not have very good answers.

If it’s a Phoenix app, and you’re a regular member here and you think someone might be able to help you, you could always post in the #general-programming:front-end-development section with the #javascript tag :slight_smile:

Can’t guarantee anyone will be able to help but since it’s a Phoenix app I think it could be of interest or useful for others too.

The only time I would think it odd for anyone to post a JS/frontend question here is if they just signed up and it was their first post (makes us think they’re setting a thread up for spam or edit spam).


There might be some people with the same idea…

This guy hasn’t released the source code for the project in question. It’s a proprietary app for his company.

Mostly those communities are grouped with their tech stack, like Reactiflux and Vueland etc.

There really isn’t a generic vanilla JavaScript place as good as those.

The closest I’ve found is FunFunForm, which is a similar discourse forum run by MPJ, the host of the YouTube series FunFunFunction. It’s a Patreon supported forum, so while it’s not free, I think it helps ensure the discussions are a little bit higher quality.