Joe Armstrong resources/biographies?

I’ve just been watching a few videos of Joe Armstrong lectures. He seems to have been quite an intriguing guy. I’m curious if there are any biographies written about him or histories of Erlang with a sort of personal slant. A quick search on Amazon didn’t turn up any obvious matches.


My favorite is this one:


His blog is both fun and informative armstrong on software


Joe Armstrong’s doctoral thesis is quite approachable and includes great background on the design constraints and tradeoffs in building Erlang.


You might also like this thread:

And I highly recommend his book, Programming Erlang :smiley: A few of us started a book club on Devtalk and it will give you an idea what we think of it - sounds like just what you’re looking for tbh :003:

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@maz – that was the first one I watched. Very entertaining and informative. Reminded me of all the best professors and mentors I’ve had over the years.

@crova – so nice that it’s still up. Thanks!

@gregvaughn – thanks for the link. I suspect we might have different definitions of approachable but I’m going to give it a go.

@astonj – thanks for pointing me there. Will check out the book as well.

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A history of Erlang is a nice read.