LiveView code reloading doesn't work when using Docker for local development

Could you expand on why you don’t recommend using Docker for local development?

My use-case may be unique, since I’m only attempting to introduce my co-workers to Elixir via a small, fun side-project in the hopes that it catches on and we can start actually using it in production. Using Docker seemed like the best option to make the experience as frictionless as possible, since most of our devs should already have it installed.

If Elixir does catch on and we start using it for real work, would it be beneficial to move away from Docker for local dev and get everyone to install Elixir & Erlang natively on their machines?

Lots of people start out the same way, I’ve seen it with 4 client teams I’ve worked with - ultimately they find the regular Elixir/Visual Studio install does the job without containers complicating everything. Another thing is that filesytem speed in Docker for Mac is dreadful - seen all sorts of hacks to work around that too, NFS mounting being one that particularly stood out. Still say, run your Postgres etc in Docker, but your development workspace, that’s overkill.

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I would say as well, perhaps we the community need to do something to make it easier to install Elixir on the various desktops, what are you running, did you have any particular pain points getting Elixir installed? Is the fact that you have to install both Erlang and Elixir to have a development environment an inconvenience. I’ve created a topic if you’d like to share your experience. Thanks, B

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Thanks! My specific issue is a social one, not a technical one (my work locks down homebrew usage on dev boxes due to security concerns).

But I’ll contribute to your new thread – I’ve definitely had a non-zero number of issues installing Elixir on my personal machine.

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