Load Testing LiveViews With Tsung (or other tools?)

Hi everyone.

My team and I have been working on a fairly modest app based around video streaming and chat, but we’ve landed a customer that has a large following. We’re confident in our code but having some real metrics around the amount and kinds of load we can handle would let us all sleep a little better at night.

Re-reading the famous road to 2M blog post, https://www.phoenixframework.org/blog/the-road-to-2-million-websocket-connections, dusted off the little bit of Tsung knowledge I had and I’m just setting to work. I’ve been surprised to not be able to find any load testing against LiveView specifically. I realize they’re all going to be different, but having some of a Tsung config boilerplate for opening the web socket, passing the right parameters would be very helpful to help get started.

Has anyone taken the next steps from the blog post and done a similar test against LiveView? And if you have, do you have any of that lovely :shushing_face: XML Tsung config to share how you got it started?