Load testing Phoenix LiveView

Has anyone done any automated load testing of a Phoenix LiveView website? I haven’t been able to find anything that specifically talks about it.

There have been some related threads but they don’t have any helpful info (here’s one example: Load Testing LiveViews With Tsung (or other tools?))

My main concerns:

  • It isn’t as common to load-test websockets so it’s harder to find info
  • Connecting to the liveview websocket will require the CSRF token which needs to be extracted from the page (as I understand it)
  • I also want to test some page transitions within the liveview but I’m not sure how to trigger those

Maybe you can use something like Browserless to spin up some Chrome instances. Fully load testing with Chrome instances is not going to be cheap but setting up Browserless on your own boxes is easy at least. I would search for chrome load testing or something like that to look for a load testing solution that uses actualy Chrome instances.

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