Logname - A website for developer portfolio and resume

Hi everyone,

For my first project of the year I would like to tackle a problem that I had for a long time which is keeping my professional portfolio and resume up to date.

So, introducing Logname - https://www.logname.dev - A portfolio/resume website for developers.

Why am I building this?

1. There is not one website for me to represent my professional developer presence.

As a developer, I always think that you need to have an online presence in order to stand out for better job opportunity.

Having LinkedIn account is not enough and that is why I also post technical blog here on Dev.to.

I also have active GitHub account where I pinned the project that best represent my skill set.

So as you can see my past experience(LinkedIn), blog posts(Dev) and active projects(GitHub) are all on a separate website.

If I want to apply for a job I have to provide 3 links. I also need to make sure all 3 are updated accordingly for example if I want to change my profile picture.

Hopefully if Logname takes off in the future, I only need to provide 1 url instead of 3.

2. I hate LinkedIn walled garden.

I have to admit I open LinkedIn on a daily basis and it is a great website to build networks.

But I hate that I cannot easily access my own data using API. I get it if they don’t want 3rd party application to abuse the API but at the very least I should be able to get my own data to do what I want.

I got an idea last time to export my LinkedIn data to reusable format so I can create my own resume but unfortunately that is not allowed.

With Logname, you can export it into JSON Resume format so that you are free to do whatever you want with it.

It is your data after all!.

3. I am bad at designing resume.

If I were good at designing I probably will not become a developer in the first place. I know there is a lot of website that can help me build beautiful resume but resume is not a one size fit all solution.

A resume for developer is different than a resume for a civil engineer. I still need to do some manual work and if I want to use another resume generator? I need to do the manual work again.

With Logname, you can export it into JSON Resume format and access over 250+ themed resume.

4. Keeping my resume up to date.

Although most of my info are the same provided I am in the same company, some do change for example my list of projects in the resume. Project in my resume always correspond to my GitHub pinned repository to provide consistency and if that change, I also need to update my resume.

With Logname, because you can connect your GitHub and Dev account, your resume and portfolio will always be up to date.

So with all the reason above, I decide to built Logname.

Do check it out and register if you are interested!.


Thanks for sharing your project with us, it looks interesting :slight_smile:

But how does Elixir and Phoenix fit in your project?

Can you elaborate on it?

As it stands now it looks to me more like a NodeJS project, aka because of the link to the templates, but I am not saying it his :wink:

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Hi @valehelle, could you confirm this is an Elixir app please? Our showcase section is for Elixir/Phoenix apps only :003:

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Hi @AstonJ , @Exadra37 .

Yes, I can confirm it is using Phoenix framework :grin: .

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Can you please add some context to the topic about how Phoenix is being used in the app.

Hi there,

I did check out your site and wanted to play around with it.

The tool is probably great and adds a lot of value but the data you are asking from people is a ton of personal information. I hope that you are taking the necessary precautions for this data. EU GDPR and similar policies like encrypting all the data. on the wire and rest.

ps: your website has several serious security flaws, pm me if you want to look into them.


It’s awesome project, something that I’m looking for since a long time ago. You already posted on Indiehackers?


No I haven’t posted on Indiehackers just yet.