Looking for meets/people in Hamburg/Gemany

Hi Thorsten,
I am now ready to create a Meetup for Elixir HH.
I am thinking about the last week in June,
Does that fit you?
Maybe we can talk directly by phone?
How can I reach you?

Viele Grüße von Heiko

Okay, sounds good.

Also hier meine Telefonnummer etc.

Hi all.

I planning to create the Hamburg Elixir Meetup on Friday, 28.6. , doors open at 6 p.m.
Does that fit everyone ?

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Unfortunately, I cannot attend at this date in Hamburg (due to distance from where I live). That’s why I created the poll to see when it would be the best slot for most of us at a place that suits most of us.

So far, three people who voted could attend at 08/07/2024 in Kiel (see Umfrage - Elixir Meetup Kiel - nuudel)

But of course nothing speaks again having two meetups, one in Hamburg and one in Kiel. Or we do it virtually, so we don’t have trouble with rooms/distance to travel etc.

That’s okay.
I will attend at the Kiel meeting too.

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I checked with my family, and that day is “free”, so I will make it fit my working schedule :wink:

The hh.ex event is online.
Please register, if you would like to participate.
We have room for 12 Persons.

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Unfortunately, I cannot attend on that date. Hopefully it will work out next time. :slight_smile: