Lumberjack - log viewer for Elixir and Erlang

I have created simple log viewer for your applications. It is not yet published on Hex as it still needs a little bit polishing and documentation, but I thought that it can be interesting for some of you.

Example of web UI:


While this has some common ground with upcoming Phoenix Dashboard there are some crucial differences:

  • This one do not require Phoenix at all. It is implemented in pure Plug and uses SSE instead of web sockets
  • This focus only on logs, without any other stuff
  • This allows to show logs from different places as well. Currently supported sources are:
    • Erlang logger (which is also used by Elixir Logger)
    • Socket (for now UDP only)
    • Filesystem (quite buggy, but in progress)

The external sources can be useful for example if you want to check out logs of your DB together with your application logs for quicker bughunt or performance monitoring.

For now it do not show metadata anywhere, but the plan is to have a way to view more informations about that log message.

Future improvements:

  • Filters for removing unneeded messages from external sources
  • Parsers to extract informations from the external log sources
  • Search in the webUI
  • Maybe add persistence to webUI
  • Fix bugs and make the FS source more robust

Added few new features:

  • Hide source by default, as most of the users will probably use only one source so it is needless clutter
  • Light and dark theme support
  • Messages on critical and above levels are now on highlighted background


looking great! - could also be of great use on a Nerves device outputting the Ringlogger…

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I think I could work on migrating RingLogger to the Erlang Logger and then it indeed would be nice to have, as this would allow me to have persistence layer within the application.

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