Maintainer Wanted: MongoDB and MongoDB Ecto

Yup! That’s the plan. We also plan on cutting a 1.0-beta.1 release soon!


That sounds amazing! I’ll keep an eye out for that beta. Thanks @scottmessinger

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I was using elixir + mongo combo. How you all are achieving unit test cases in that?. In postgres all unit test cases are work individually. Once the test case was finished. Inserted data get reverted(In postgres). How I can achive the same in mongo elixir. @scottmessinger @hauleth @bdtomlin @Ankhers

@Yasir To keep this thread focused, could you open a new thread on or head to GitHub - elixir-mongo/mongodb: MongoDB driver for Elixir or GitHub - elixir-mongo/mongodb_ecto: MongoDB adapter for Ecto and create a new discussion with this question? It’s a good one, but not right for this thread which is about who is maintaining the driver and adapter.

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I’d be happy to help out with maintaining

I’d be happy to help out with maintaining

Checkout the repositories in the elixir-mongo github organization. I
think there are some tickets there that could be worked through. Feel
free to reach out to me if you require a bit of direction with any of
them. You can PM on this forum, but I am usually more responsive on IRC
if you have a presence there.

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Updating this thread. We just merged in our first round of changes to mongodb master. I’m currently working on implementing CI via GitHub actions so we can have continuous validation of the changes we make going forward.

I predict things will be a bit rocky as we get to grips with the code base but please anyone that wishes to give it a spin and/or contribute, please go ahead! As Scott says, once we’re a bit further along we’ll cut some beta releases and publish them to hex for further feedback.

Thanks to everyone on this thread who has helped make this happen, and thanks to everyone who has contributed to both libraries.


That’s great news. Thanks to everyone working on this. I will be giving it a spin very soon, and hopefully will have some time to contribute in the near future.

Mongodb is such a good fit with Elixir/Phoenix I really hope it will get a lot of traction.

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I sincerely thank everyone in this thread for getting this going.

I see an opportunity to contribute around making it easier to set up test helpers (like DataCases) so I’ll try to get that together.

Happy New Year, friends.

May I ask why is that? I am not presuming anything, just asking to broaden my horizons. Thank you.

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