Mapping subdomains to umbrella apps through master proxy

I saw a lot of solutions on the net, but most of them are outdated. I have an umbrella app and I would like to wire each of them from their port to a subdomain of the main domain, through a proxy app. How would it be done with or also without a Phoenix endpoint?

I had to do this recently with the MasterProxy app to get it running on Gigalixir.

Here’s the backend config:

    backends: [
        host: ~r/^api.*/,
        phoenix_endpoint: API.Endpoint
        phoenix_endpoint: Main.Endpoint

Thank You, that worked! Btw I felt better with copying the whole repo into a standalone app to have more control over the whole thing. It works well indeed.

Look at my gist : still properly working on m’y project :ok_hand: