Members of the Month - 2018

Working in open source software or helping others on platforms like forums and chat rooms can often be a thankless task. Sometimes, going out of your way to recognise someone’s efforts or to thank them can not only be greatly appreciated, but genuinely inspiring.

You’ve probably noticed there is a fantastic spirit of appreciation within the Elixir community. It stems from José himself; I’m sure many of you have already witnessed the love hearts he’s now famous for in Github pull requests :purple_heart: :yellow_heart: :green_heart: :blue_heart: :heart:

I’d really like for us to honour this culture of appreciation on the forum with this scheme :slight_smile:

Every quarter I will personally select (perhaps with the help of past MOTM or our Mods) a number of members who have gone above and beyond in helping either the forum itself, such as by moderating/house-keeping of threads/wikis etc (which anyone at Trust Level 3 can do btw) or by helping members directly, either via their threads, or by writing Wiki’s or other guides and info. Sometimes this may even extend to those who are taking the time to post interesting and thought-provoking topics for discussion; If it feels like someone has made an effort to make this forum the best it can be, I think it would be great for us to recognise and reward them. Not only will they be listed in this thread, but each MOTM will also receive a gift - an ebook! :gift:

Selections will be centred around the last quarter to six months activity, hence running this every quarter.

I hope you’ll all enjoy the MOTM scheme and I hope none of you will be offended if you are missed. Traditionally MOTM schemes recognise a single member a month - but we’re going to have a grand total of 50 (yes 50!) MOTMs this year :tada: (Hopefully all of our giveaways and discounts will make up for any shortcomings :sweat_smile:). This is also the reason we are doing this quarterly, because we have so many per year :023:

Right… let’s get started.

(If you would not like to be considered for MOTM, please PM me to let me know.)


We are kicking off this quarter with 12 MOTMs :003:

In alphabetical order…


Another quarter and we’ve got 12 more MOTMs :003:

Well done and thank you all for your contribution to the forum :023:















Sorry about the delay, but our final MOTMs of 2018 are here!

It’s so difficult to select MOTMs now, we have so many awesome members here!!! Having an additional 6 didn’t make things much easier either! :lol:

Well done everyone listed and apologies to those who didn’t quite make it (don’t forget you can still win something in our Giveaways!) - we’ve tried to be as fair as possible, looking at activity over the whole year, including general activity, accepted answers, likes, and anything else that stood out.

In alphabetical order…




















Updated for our second quarter :023:

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Updated for third quarter :023:


Final 2018 MOTMs are up :023:

Thank you ALL of our helpful members (there’s so many of you!) for those who did not get selected, don’t forget our awesome giveaways! :003: