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Hi there, it’s finally time to announce that Membrane supports HLS :tada: We finished all the needed plugins and prepared a demo of retrieving RTP stream and publishing it via HLS. @kanes115 described how we used it to create a streaming platform in this blog post. Enjoy :slight_smile:


We have a task to recode rtsp live streams into webrtc live streams.
We were able to do it on golang with this solution.
Can we do it on membrane?

Hi @arruah, not yet, but we’re close. You can already receive RTSP streams with RTSP and RTP. WebRTC support is still in progress, though we have most components ready.


Currently supports only RTSP 1.1 defined by RFC2326 Very old version. Not good.

Thank you @Membrane-Core-Team for such great work! :1st_place_medal:
I was trying to build a pipeline to stream a video file by HLS but i did not find any example of somthing similar to that. I tried to make the pipeline but looks like i am lost.
I am sure it would be very helpful for us if you provide some kind of simple example of streaming a video file.

Thanks :smiley:

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You can find an example of converting RTP stream to HLS in the membrane demo repository. You just need to replace RTP with plain H264/AAC.

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From my experience, the main use case for RTSP now is to connect to remote cameras, and all of them support RTSP 1.0, while 2.0 is a rare case. Having in mind that 2.0 is not backwards compatible, answer yourself what would you implement in the first place :wink: Also, note that the definition of ‘very old’ changes a lot when it comes to hardware. That said, I’m curious why is 2.0 needed in your case?



By the way, we’re currently working on an open-source toolkit that is based on Membrane and Janus and is kind of “starter kit” for creating a conference or webinar application.

It should handle all the hard things mentioned by @mat-hek and in the talk he referenced.

If you can wait 2-3 weeks you should be able to use it as a basis for you application.

I just stumbled on this and was wondering if yall were able to get that out into the wild? Would love to check it out. Thanks!

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